Drill Bits & Steel

GKM LLC is capable to supply and service of entire Drill String Tools including pipes, couplings, adapters, shoulders and accessories to any size of operations. An inventory will be stored and reserved for your operation for a minimum of 2 month value of your mine site consumption. We will also setup a consignment and supply our premium services. Our premium service is one of a kind that we will implement at your project. This service consist consignment management, bit circuit control program and a full time technical support. We will have all the supplying services taken care and our TCO program at a 100% effective. With this package, you will be assured to maximize your productivity with lowest costs. All reports and documents of our monitoring and technical will be transparent and shared to who may concern of your operation.

Out portfolio at a glance:


  • Top Hammer
  • DTH
  • Blast Hole
  • Rods & Shank adapters
  • Pipes
  • Couplings
  • Accessories
  • Lubricants
  • TCO Program
What’s TCO Program?
The TCO management program is a program where we combine our manufacturer’s quality products and our experienced personnel, at the service of our customers, to work with them and their operations to implement and follow a structured total operating cost reduction program. It is why we call it a total cost of ownership, as we focus not just on the drill bits and steel but the total costs of operations. We will look at various opportunities like inventory reduction and carrying costs, maximization of the performance of the products, maximization of the product life cycle, discover opportunities for recycling or reconditioning (not only the bits, but also the steel), productivity improvements, reducing ore dilution and wasted drilling cycle times, matching the right products for the right ground conditions and lowering equipment maintenance costs, etc. It is not just about drill bits and steel costs, but a focus on all cost saving and productivity improvement opportunities. GKM LLC’s competitive advantage as it is a different approach, as we work hard to stay unique with our offering.

Many suppliers can sell rock tools and ground support at good prices but will not impact and lower the operational costs like we can.

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