During our relationship building with Eaton Corporation last 6 years we have become resourceful of Eaton products portfolio for aftermarket support of OEMs in OT.

Eaton Switchgear features:

  • Control & Indication
  • Switching, Control & Visualisation
  • Switching & Protection
  • Matching of Voltage & Current
  • Power Distribution
  • Motor Control & Regulation
  • Switching & Protection 
GKM LLC is able to outsource OEM parts & components replacing by Eaton’s differentials, pistons, pumps, clutches, brakes, filters, valves, hard to find items, high voltage mining cables, lubricants, grease and etc. We guarantee you genuine qualities and aftermarket supports.

Electrical Cable:

Based on 7 years of experience we know and understand medium and high voltage (2000V-8000V) electrical cables for mining applications.

We are able to source mining cables from all major manufacturers such as Americable, TF Cable, Nexen and others in China. We capable of provide solutions for any specs and customized products.

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